Glypherine is a term given to a type of liquid created through alchemy that is infused with magic to create a glyph, symbol or sigil when it is poured on a surface. It sometimes referred to as a 'liquid sigil'. Glyphs created by glypherine are often activated when a creature comes into contact with it or comes close to it. The effects that happen when the glyph is triggered can vary from an explosion of elemental energy to the conjuration of objects or transmutation of materials. Glypherine is often used as a trap or weapon and commonly found in the arsenals of alchemists and chemists

Production Process

The production of glypherines is not complex, but very diverse. Some glypherines require the alchemist to blend herbs and minerals under specific astrological conditions whilst others have stipulations to be made in a silver crucible to harness arcane energies. Bottling this volatile substance requires containers made of specially treated glass or crystal, to make sure the glypherine is not activated within the container. Handling the unbottled glypherine is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the creation process. Even with precautions, alchemists must exercise extreme caution, as the liquid is highly reactive to external magical energies and temperature changes. An accidental spill or an uncontrolled reaction during the bottling process can lead to catastrophy.


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