Ratravish Glypherine

Uncommon Wondrous item
Single use

Range. 20/60
  Bottled Glyph. As an action you can pour out the contents of this bottle or throw it at a point up to 60ft. away causing it to shatter on impact. The liquid creates a magical glyph in this location at the end of your turn. The glyph remains for one month, until activated or otherwise removed.
  Squeaking Threat. If a creature is within 5ft. of the glyph, or when it enters that space for the first time, the glyph activates. The various marks of the glyph turn into a swarm of rats. The rats are only hostile towards the creature that activated the glyph and will attack it on sight. If the creature dies, the rats let out a sharp squeak and disappear in a small puff of brown smoke.
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