Alchemy is an arcane craft that involves the use of special ingredients and techniques to create Potions and other substances with unique properties. Although the effects of the resulting products can be of any school of magic, alchemy is perceived as a form of Transmutation, as it entails changing the properties of materials.

Traditional Alchemy

Traditional alchemy is the most basic form of alchemy which involves the use and mixing of various ingredients in order to create potions and other substances with special properties. Alchemists typically work with a wide range of ingredients, including herbs, minerals, and other materials, some of which may have innate magical energy.   Preparing these ingredients for use may involve grinding them to a fine dust, distilling them in a purer form, or otherwise processing the materials so they are easier to use in the creation of the end product. By using a variety of tools and equipment such as mortars and pestles, distillation equipment, and special cauldrons or pots, the alchemist is able to create a precise mixture. The mixture may be heated, cooled, or agitated in various ways in order to facilitate the reaction between the ingredients which activates the magical properties of the potion.   Through the use of traditional alchemy, it is possible to create potions as well as poisons with a wide range of effects, but alchemists have been using traditional alchemy as a base and adding other methods to create even more complex compounds and potions.

Advanced Alchemy

Advanced alchemy is a form of alchemy that involves the use of other types of magic and enchanting methods such as arcane impartment, elemental absorption in order to create more potent potions and other substances. This form of alchemy is typically more difficult to master than traditional alchemy, as it requires a deeper understanding of both alchemical principles as well as a firmer grasp of magical theory and practice.   Alchemical compounds and potions can also be used in the enchanting method of alchemical transference, which is also considered a form of advanced alchemy. Mixing multiple potions can be seen as alchemy, but transferring the properties of one potion into a compound or other liquid, might also be considered a form of alchemical transference.
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