Greater Mark of Weakness

Major Necromancy Curse (Object)

Description. This curse is put on objects to drain the energy from a creature touching it. The curse afflicts a creature after using the cursed object, rendering them weak and losing roughly half of their vitality and physical strength. This weakening effect is intensified when they are in direct contact with the cursed item, but the curse lingers even when they are no longer touching the item.   Effects. When a creature touches this object for the first time, and for the first time after they have finished a long rest, they have to make a Strength saving throw (DC 17). On a failed save they become Cursed. While Cursed in this way, their Strength and Constitution scores are halved. Additionally, while they are in direct contact with the item, they also have disadvantage on all Strength based ability checks and saving throws.   Breaking. No longer touching the item only removes the disadvantage on Strength based ability checks and saving throws. The curse itself can only be broken by being the target of two subsequent castings of the Greater Restoration spell. After the first casting of Greater Restoration, the curse only reduces the Constitution and Strength scores of the Cursed creature by 2 Effectively the curse becomes a Lesser Mark of Weakness which can only be broken with a Greater Restoration spell. If they are not the target of a second casting of Greater Restoration, this change lasts until they finish a long rest, after which the full effects of the Greater Mark take hold again. Alternatively, the curse can be broken by being the target of two simultaneous castings of the Remove Curse spell. In a combat situation, doing this in the same round counts as simultaneous.
Type of Magic
School of Magic
Lesser Mark of Weakness


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