Wondrous Item, Rarity varies

Hexmallows are a type of soft and fluffy marshmallow that has been imbued with arcane energy through Alchemical Transference or sometimes using Arcane Impartment. These candies can be found across the world and planes of existence but it is unknown how many types and variations exist, because new types of hexmallows are created constantly.

Vexing Confectionary

Hexmallows can offer a range of beneficial effects to the consumer, but they are notorious for their side effects that can range from weird to dangerous, so not knowing what a hexmallow exactly does can be disastrous. Regardles, they are treasured for their versatility and effects even though their use may require some forethought and discretion. Especially hexmallows created by unexperienced confectioners might have a chance of not being beneficial at all, but only have a detrimental effect on the consumer. As the side effects could be as impactful as the primary benefit, one should always be cautious for unpredictable quirks or downsides of a hexmallow before enjoying it.

Marshmallow Magic

Hexmallows come in an assortment of deep, rich colors, each signifying a different magical property. They are irresistibly soft, and can come in a variety of flavors. The main ingredient is sugar, but essences extracted from various magical herbs and flowers are often infused into the sugar to provide taste and a more solid base for the enchantment. Then, the sugar is melted and additional flavors, alchemical compounds or ingredients can be added. This mixture is added to whipped eggwhites and gelatine and then needs to be continously whipped for about an hour. The fluffy mixture is put in a mold and is then dusted with powdered sugar as well as a special sparkling powder which preserves the potency of the magic and increases the shelf life of the hexmallow. Instead of sugar, some hexmallows are dusted with spices or cocoa, while others might have a thin layer of edible glitter or a coating of crushed herbs. This coating not only enhances the flavor but also provides a clear distinction about the type of hexmallow it is. Some Hexmallows hide a surprise center. This can be a burst of liquid syrup, a smaller soft candy with a contrasting taste, or even a tiny, non-edible charm that imbued Hexmallow with magic.

Conventional Candy, Exceptional Enchantments

Due to their common ingredients and the relative ease of their creation, simple Hexmallows are widely available across the world, albeit in limited quantities. Hexmallows with more powerful magic are less common, as the alchemical compounds used in them are more expensive, or the required skill to imbue them with magic is higher. Due to the vast variety of Hexmallows, they have become somewhat of a collector's item among confectionery enthusiasts and magic users alike. Limited-edition Hexmallows, seasonal specials, or those from renowned confectioners are highly sought after, often fetching high prices in markets and auctions.

Hexmallows by Rarity

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Alchemical Transference
Arcane Impartment
List of Hexmallows
Arcanist's Hexmallow
Banshee Breath Hexmallow
Battlebrawl Hexmallow
Berrywhistle Hexmallow
Blissful Banana Hexmallow
Bold Blackberry Hexmallow
Braveburst Hexmallow
Brilliant Grape Hexmallow
Brutal Basil Hexmallow
Calm Coconut Hexmallow
Caustic Lime Hexmallow
Champion's Hexmallow
Charming Cherry Hexmallow
Charmshield Hexmallow
Charred Chasm Hexmallow
Chocololo Hexmallow
Crisp Caramel Hexmallow
Crisp Cranberry Hexmallow
Crystal Cavern Hexmallow
Dragon Spice Hexmallow
Dwarven Delight Hexmallow
Echoberry Hexmallow
Echoing Elderberry Hexmallow
Fairy Fizz Hexmallow
Fancy Fig Hexmallow
Fizzlefuz Hexmallow
Flarefruit Hexmallow
Frosty Blueberry Hexmallow
Fudgewiggle Hexmallow
Ghastly Charcoal Hexmallow
Ghostly Graveyard Hexmallow
Giant's Call Hexmallow
Gingersnoople Hexmallow
Gladiator's Hexmallow
Glowpeach Hexmallow
Goblin Goo Hexmallow
Golden Grove Hexmallow
Graceful Grapefruit Hexmallow
Grappleguard Hexmallow
Greater Healing Hexmallow
Hag's Nose Hexmallow
Healing Hexmallow
Hearty Hazelnut Hexmallow
Heavenly Horizon Hexmallow
Hogshead Hexmallow
Hunter's Hexmallow
Hydra Haze Hexmallow
Ironvein Hexmallow
Lastlong Hexmallow
Laughing Djinn Hexmallow
Lovely Lychee Hexmallow
Luscious Lemon Hexmallow
Magister's Hexmallow
Majestic Mint Hexmallow
Mellow Mulberry Hexmallow
Moonmint Hexmallow
Mystic Mango Hexmallow
Mystic's Hexmallow
Noxious Moss Hexmallow
Oakskin Hexmallow
Opulent Orange Hexmallow
Peaceful Pomegranate Hexmallow
Pecanprank Hexmallow
Playful Peach Hexmallow
Poisonpurge Hexmallow
Powerful Plum Hexmallow
Puddingpot Hexmallow
Pumpkinpinch Hexmallow
Quickjelly Hexmallow
Radiant Raspberry Hexmallow
Scorching Strawberry Hexmallow
Scout's Hexmallow
Sensesaver Hexmallow
Shadowspice Hexmallow
Sizzlefruit Hexmallow
Slumberstop Hexmallow
Smiling Sphinx Hexmallow
Smirking Harpy Hexmallow
Sparkling Starfruit Hexmallow
Sprite Sparkle Hexmallow
Standstrong Hexmallow
Starlight Swirl Hexmallow
Steelheart Hexmallow
Sunlight Whirl Hexmallow
Sunny Steppe Hexmallow
Superior Healing Hexmallow
Supreme Healing Hexmallow
Sweet Rose Hexmallow
Sweetspark Hexmallow
Tempest Terrace Hexmallow
Tranquil Tangerine Hexmallow
Twilight Twirl Hexmallow
Unicorn Dream Hexmallow
Velvety Vanilla Hexmallow
Warlord's Hexmallow
Wayfinder's Hexmallow
Whispering Woods Hexmallow
Wildzest Hexmallow
Zapping Lemon Hexmallow
Zippleberry Hexmallow


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