Arcane Impartment

Arcane impartment is a method of enchanting by casting the same spell multiple times into an object or material for prolonged periods of time. This technique allows the enchanter to imbue the object with Nebulantium that can be unleashed in a variety of ways depending on the spell that has been used to impart the energy into the object. The process of arcane impartment can take weeks, months, or even years, depending on the complexity of the spell and the strength of the enchanter's magic. This method of enchanting uses similar principles as the primordial method of Elemental Absorption.

Spell Infused

One of the most well known use of arcane impartment is to create a teleportation circle. Which is permanently created by casting the spell in the same location every day for one year. Imparting other spells may require a ritual or an extended casting time to slowly impart that magic into an object. Simply casting the spell fireball on a sword will not make it a sword of fireballs, but instead will simply light the enchanter's room on fire. It requires a much longer time to slowly cast such spell into a sword and letting the magic seep into the blade. In a way, this form of enchantment is in truth only using the framework of a spell to focus that type of magic into an item. Therefore, more experienced Arcane Imparters are able to slightly modify and improve spells to be more befitting to the item. How long the process depends on the skill and power of the enchanter and their spells, the complexity of the spell and the type of material the object is made of.

Arcane Labor

One of the key advantages of arcane impartment is that it allows the enchanter to create powerful enchanted objects without the need for rare and costly ingredients. Unlike other methods of enchantment, arcane impartment only requires the enchanter's time and magical skill. This makes it an attractive option for enchanters who are practiced in the arcane, or those who are on a budget and do not have access to exotic ingredients or expensive equipment to create enchantments. Arcane impartment is also a method of enchanting that does not need to leave a trace on the object. Unlike Runic Inscription, which often leaves visible marks, arcane impartment can be invisible. Some see this as a disadvantage though, as you cannot directly see that an object is magical, but need to investigate it a bit to find that out.
  Despite its many benefits, arcane impartment is not without its risks. The process of casting the same spell over and over again can be taxing on the enchanter's magical reserves, and it can take a heavy toll on their physical and mental health. Sometimes, a spell needs to be cast daily, or every couple of hours or the enchantment will fail or fade. In addition, the extended exposure to repeated powerful magical energies can have some unforeseen consequences. Arcane Blisters are a typical ailment seen in arcane imaprters. But also the creation of cursed objects or attraction of creatures feeding of magical energy is quite common. Because of this, arcane impartment is a technique that should be used with caution and is advised to only be performed by experienced arcane practicioners.

Temporary or Permanent

Some magical objects enchanted by arcane impartment can lose their magic when they are used a few times (or in some cases, once), but more advanced arcane impartment will allow an item to recharge itself over time. Sometimes an item can be recharged by providing it with a specific type of energy for example by letting it absorb sunlight. More nefarious Hemomancy items, might require an offering of blood.
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