Himmelbreak Trail

The Himmelbreak Trail is the path that leads from Thelis Point Crossing up Mount Muntz to the Himmelfort. The trail itself is not well traveled since it is only taken by those who come from or are bound for the Himmelfort itself.   The first part of the trail consists of sloping paths that wind up the mountain but the final stretches consist of stone steps that are too steep and slippery for horses. Travelers may leave their mounts at the Midmuntz Stables and continue their way up to the Himmelfort.   This last section of the trail is quite dangerous. Patches of ice have sent a fair few unsuspecting travelers slipping and sliding off the mountainside and there is a constant threat of deadly avalanches and blizzards during the winter months. Tales told over a mug of ale at the Himmelfort also tell of dragons and giants grabbing travelers off the mountainside to devour them in their lairs, but whether this ever truly happens remains a mystery.


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