Midmuntz Stables

The Midmuntz stables are situated halfway along the Himmelbreak Trail on Mount Muntz. On the point where the high altitude makes it hard for horses to continue on is where the Himmelfort has constructed these stables. Shortly after this point, the path continues on into into stairs that are at times too steep and in general too slippery for horses to traverse .   Most commonly messengers from Ă–fferwick bound for the Himmelfort will stable their horses in this establishment. Travelers may leave their mounts in these comfortable stables for a small fee or if they are kind a gift of somesort like food, drink or entertainment may suffice.   The stable doubles as an inn and homestead and as such also offers lodging for travelers. It is not uncommon to stay at the stables since it is advised not to continue up the treacherous stairs up to the Himmelfort during the dark hours of the night or bad weather. While the lodging for visitors is not that luxurious, it's a warm and safe place on the mountain, and the excellent stablehands take good care of the animals that are entrusted to them.


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