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Mageseals are paper seals that are imbued with a specific magical effect. These seals are typically used to trap locks and doors, and are activated when they are torn or touched, releasing the stored magical energy and causing the desired effect to occur.

Sealed with Magic

Magical paper seals are created by imbuing a small piece of Trueply Paper with a specific magical energy or through Arcane Impartment or Projected Intention. In contrast to other items that use Trueply Paper, mageseals are usually made of a very thin variant that tears easily. Typically, a resin or a glue is applied to the backside of the seal so that it can be stuck to a surface. The resulting seal is then activated by either tearing it or touching it in a specific way.   Mageseals are typically used as a form of protection or layer of security. They are commonly placed on the divide between two (moving) parts, such as between a door and the doorsill, so that when the door is opened, the paper is torn and the seal is activated. However, some seals can be released and restored. For instance, a seal might be placed on the lid of a chest to create a magical lock that can only be opened by those who know the correct password or gesture. If this is done properly, the seal is released and the chest can safely be opened. After the chest is closed again, the seal is restored. If the chest is opened without the proper actions, it may break and the seal's magical energy is released.   It is important to note that dismantling magical paper seals can be a complex and potentially dangerous process, as it involves working with powerful arcane energies. As such, it is typically only undertaken by trained and experienced practitioners who are well-versed in the appropriate safety protocols and techniques. Each type of mageseal might require specific precautions and an understanding of the possible effects in order to properly dismantle it. Some may be disabled by a simple casting of a Dispel Magic spell, whilst others are resistant to such magic as their powers are only activated when torn, and not constantly active. Removing paper seals is another option to bypass them, but as they are made of very thin paper, they will tear easily, so this is not an easy task. Old seals especialy are hard to remove, as their glue has hardened over time and the paper has further deteriorated and has become increasingly fragile, often only held together by the lingering magic within it.


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