Projected Intention

Projected intention is the arcane mechanism behind most forms of spellcasting and methods of enchanting. It is how spellcasters are able to shape the arcane energy at their disposal into a spell and is especialy apparent in the magic capabilities of bards, who can cast marvelous spells through their music or performance.

Willed into Existence

Projected intention is the term given to the practice of giving the arcane a shape and function through expressing the intention in words, gestures or other perceptible means. In a way, most spells function through a kind of projected intention, as they are cast through specific gestures, words or sometimes music. In the case of spells that require a verbal component, the specific words used and the way in which they are spoken can vary greatly depending on spell that is being cast and the specific culture or tradition of the caster. However, it is thought that some languages, such as Astran, are more suited for calling upon the arcane than others. These people believe that unlocking the full potential of the arcane lies in uncovering the secrets of how to perfectly express their intentions to shape the arcane. This is also why wizards tend to write the spells and incantations in their spellbooks in languages that best suit their own wishes.

Imbued with Intention

Enchanting items with magical capabilities through projected intention is typically done through writing or other types of markings, but there are also examples of items with projected intention that are created by reciting mantras or invocation during their creation. Spellscrolls area perfect example of projected intention, first the scribe writes down the spell on the paper, this is usually a person able to cast the spell. The arcane energy and intention is put into the words themselves, which when recited call the spell into existence.   In contrast to arcane impartment, the enchanter does not need to (be able to) cast the spell itself to create an enchantment. Although the method can be used and performed in different ways, projected intention is not a great method for creating strong and lasting enchantments by itself. A few other methods of enchanting such as spell stitching but also runic inscription are considered a form of advanced projected intention. Spell stitching uses a needle to focus the intention into the enchantment, while runic inscription calls upon more specific arcane symbols, patterns and combinations to create more complex enchantments. Both of these crafts require far more study and a deeper understanding of the arcane, not to mention their own specific patterns, tools and methods.
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