South of Rornach lies the sleepy village of Midwol. It's a little over halfway on the route to Morhan and travelers often spend a day or two before they continue their journey.
  The peaceful and sleepy village of Midwol is situated along the river Zilnes on the crossroads of the Zilnean Road and the Morbound Road. It is famous for its grassy meadows and farms which are home to the many flocks of sheep.   These sheep provide high quality wool which is processed by the members of the Weavers and Spinners Guild within the village. The yarn and wool products made by the guild are sold and traded and can be found throughout Wolfsbrunn. Especially the wool of the breed of the giant Midwol Sheep holds great value as products made from this material are light but insulate well against the harsh cold of the winter months.   A simple wooden pallisade protects the center of the village and only a handful of (poorly) armed civilians are responsible for keeping the peace. One member from the Verrelatok is stationed in Midwol at all times to protect the village from attacks of predators and hungry creatures from the Calfert Marsh. Even though these kind of events are rare, additional Verrelatok reinforcements from Rornach have been called upon in the past to hunt down these creatures and protect the village from further harm when the threat was significant.
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