Zilnean Road

The Zilnean Road is the paved roadway from Rornach to the south. It crosses through the village of Midwol and the village of Pholdorf. It lies to the western borders of the Calfert Marsh. For a little over half its length, the road follows alongside the river Zilnes. It then bends off to the east to Pholdorf after which the road comes to an end at Thelis Point Crossing.   The northern section of the Zilnean road is a fairly safe and well traveled road. Many traders from Morhan, Rornach and Midwol use the road to travel between the cities to sell their wares and buy supplies. The section of the road between Midwol and Pholdorf is a bit less traveled and as such, a bit more dangerous. Especially creatures from the Calfert Marsh have been known to venture out of the swamp and prey upon unsuspecting travelers on southern section of the road. Merchants and travelers that make use of this part of the Zilnean Road often do so in groups or with some form of added protection.


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