Milbond Paper Mill

The Milbond Paper Mill stands in the hamlet of Toxbach. The paper mill provides high quality paper for many people throughout the entire Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn and beyond. Most of the paper produced in Toxbach is sold and shipped directly to the Grand Archive of Stor.   The paper making business is one of the main sources of income for the citizens of Toxbach. Next to the employees of the paper mill itself, there are a number of lumberjacks that provide a steady supply of wood from the edge of the Blackvald. The wood is processed in sawmills and turned into pulp before being processed at the paper mill. After the paper is produced, skippers and boatspeople in service of the Milbond Paper Mill are responsible for shipping the paper to Stor as well as up the river Fortuna towards Morhan.
Alternative Names
Milbond Mill
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