Grand Archive of Stor

The Grand Archive of Stor houses the largest collection of knowledge gathered by the Amaranthine Archivists in western Esca. It is a place of gathering for chroniclers and those seeking knowledge about western Esca, the world and the universe. Even though the Grand Archive holds no political power by itself, the preservation and utilization of the knowledge stored there has had a great impact on the history of Wolfsbrunn.   The Grand Archive is an impressive building of grey granite with ornaments of brass and dark iron. Most of the woodwork is painted in a dark shade of reddish purple. The building is five stories high, but features many layers, rooms and corridors beneath the ground that extend far beneath the city of Stor. Most of the collection of the archive is kept (and lost) in these subterranean halls and corridors. The large double doors made from oak and embellished with brass ornaments on the front, are the only way into the building.   The Archive's appearance as a whole is reminiscent of a more traditional keep or castle, with a rectangular footprint featuring a paved courtyard in the middle. Each of the corners of the building features an extra level, creating four squat towers of sorts. Large banners of the Amaranthine Archivists are hung from the top of each of the towers. The facades of the building are solid on the ground level but there are large windows with diagonal muntins from the second floor up. At night, thick amaranthine curtains cover the windows from the inside, completely blocking out any light emitted by candles or lanterns from the inside.
Alternative Names
The Keep of Many Stories
The Amaranthine Bulwark
The House of Paper and Ink
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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