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Moss Vaporization

It wasn't until in 6729 when a small group of wizards from Westzell discovered the beneficial effects from Fey Moss. They contracted Fey Moss Irritation in the Blackvald on an explorative mission to discover new species in the woods. It was already known that Fey Moss could be brewed into a tea to cure the irritation, but in the process of brewing the tea, they found the vapors rising from the kettle also relieved the asthmatic symptoms their Elven compatriot was suffering from. This prompted further study into the vaporization of Fey Moss for medical use.
  Since the discovery was made, alchemists have perfected the methods of preparation of Fey Moss. To prepare Fey Moss for a Moss Vaporization treatment, it first has to be crushed into a pulp. The moss is crushed by hand in wet linen wraps, as to prevent the moss to release its harmful spores into the air. This dark green mushy pulp is then boiled in water in a large kettle or pot. After boiling for at least an hour, the pulp is strained from the liquid, which has now turned a deep orange color. This substance is then distilled two or three times to produce a potent oil. Sanitoriums and bathhouses in Wolfsbrunn use this oil in steambaths and saunas. These treatments have a beneficial effect on a number of respiratory ilnesses and diseases, either fully curing them or relieving the person from their ailment for a few weeks. Inhaling these vapors over the course of a half hour long session, fully cures Fey Moss Irritation.


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