Nalberto Stoutfern-Brett

Nalberto 'Nobeard' Stoutfern-Brett is the commandeer of The Small Fleet and the captain of the Old Oyster. He is a member of an offshoot of the Brett Family from Morhan.

The Pirate's Life

Nalberto grew up in the city of Morhan but on a visit to Stor, fell in love with the sea. He persuaded the matriarch of the Brett family to invest in a ship and extend the family business overseas. In the early years, this provided the family with additional traderoutes and safe passage to various places around Esca and Azuno. However, Nalberto started expanding his crew and fleet and started raiding tradeships on the seas. These days, the Small Fleet is known as a pirate fleet and their ships are not welcome in most common ports.

Lost at Sea

Since Nalberto is unable to make port within cities of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn, the Brett family has lost contact with the Small Fleet over the years. At times, rumors come through of the fleet and its captain and their wherabouts. Many weird rumors have gone around about Nalberto, one of the wildest being that he commandeered the entire fleet of the Empire of the Jade Eye in Azuno. Another was that he fought off a kraken by strangling it with the ropes and sails of his vessel and left it to die after dragging it ashore singlehandedly. There's no proof to these stories, but Nalberto himself will not reveal whether these rumors are true or not because he quietly enjoys them far too much.
Alternative name(s)
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
6491 AV 247 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Suntanned, leathery
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization


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