Bindy Stoutfern-Brett

Bindy 'Redspark' Stoutfern-Brett is the captain of the Big Barnacle of the Small Fleet. She runs a tight ship and knows how to manage a crew but she keeps a close eye on the treasure that she safeguards for the entire fleet on her vessel.

Becoming a Pirate

As most members of the Brett Family, Bindy started out working for the Grey Cartel. At a young age she proved to be quite perceptive and deceptive and was sent on several undercover missions to retrieve information about trades and valuable goods. When her father Nalberto Stoutfern-Brett set out to sea, she continued to work for the cartel but through pure coincidence they would meet again at sea. Decades after she had last seen her father, Bindy took on a task for the cartel where she had to pose as a noblewoman from Tørsgärd aboard a merchant's ship. Only a few days after the ship left the Hidden Harbor in Stor, the vessel got raided by the Old Oyster. Upon meeting his daughter after all this years, her father offered her to become part of his crew.

Aboard the Big Barnacle

As the profits of the Small Fleet increased, so did the hoard of treasure. Nalberto decided that they would require a secondary vessel to keep the goods safe. He had the Big Barnacle built specifically for this by shipwrights somewhere in Azuno and appointed Bindy the captain of the vessel. Bindy has selected her own crew and has the authority to recruit new members when required. She has little mercy for disobedient crewmembers, and any proof of theft or sign of mutiny is quickly punished by marooning.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
6574 AV 164 Years old
Ginger, Pixy cut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization


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