Nympha Suffocatus

Also known as the 'Drowning Lily', or 'The Lily of the Drowned Lady'. The Nympha Suffocatus is an aquatic carnivorous plant that lives in the waters of forests and jungles. The tip of the central pod of this plant looks like the face of a drowned person, but the opening of the mouth extends further below the surface of the water. This maw can open up wide and swallow prey whole. Attached to the central pod are multiple vines and lily pads which the plant uses to restrain its victims underwater.
  If a creature has not encountered such a plant before, they might be fooled by the fake face. Only upon closer examination a creature may notice the hairs are root tendrils and the skin has a slimy plantlike texture, by then however, it is usually too late. Some subspecies of this plant give off a disgusting smell of death and decay, attracting scavengers looking for an easy meal. Others have been reported to be able to produce the sound of a person gasping for air while thrashing in the water, attracting people who may want to rescue a drowning person. Once the plant has caught its prey it will retreat under water to digest it. After a few days, the central pod will resurface to lie in wait for another prey.
Nympha Suffocatus


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