Firearm (Rarity varies)

Spellguns are contraptions that serve not only as efficient ranged firearms but also as powerful focuses for spellcasting. The hallmark feature of spellguns is the use of specialized crystals, typically aligned along the barrel of the gun. These crystals are more than just ornamental, they are integral to the weapon's ability to channel spells and even infuse arcane energy into its shots.

Arcane Firearms

Not all enchanted firearms are considered a spellgun, the most simple definition is that a basic spellgun can be used to fire bullets while simultaneously being able to be employed as an arcane focus. This dual capability makes spellguns a preferred choice for spellcasters who wish to stay versatile and prepared for various combat scenarios. More advanced versions of spellguns incorporate the crystals and intricate arcane mechanisms further, allowing the spellgun to do more than just channel spells. As the bullet is fired from such a spellgun, it transforms the bullet itself. This transformation process imbues the bullet with magical properties, altering its nature and effects. Some spellguns transform the bullet from metal into a concentrated bead of force or a small ball of lightning while another spellgun may infuse the bullets it shoots with necrotic energies or some other sort of magical power. Such advanced spellguns often also allow the user to unleash other spells or enchantments within them much like other types of spellcasting foci.

Careful Construction

Constructing a spellgun is a task of immense complexity and requires a deep understanding of Magitech that includes both mechanical engineering and a specific sort of Crystallomancy. The process involves harmonizing the physical structure of a firearm with the properties of a magical crystal or crystal array. A crystal must be precisely cut and attuned to specific arcane frequencies as well as be able to withstand the explosive and sudden release of energy and power that is released when the firearm is shot.   The alignment of these crystals is a delicate and exact task, as even the slightest misalignment can render the entire spellgun ineffective or, in the worst case, dangerously unstable. Due to the intricate nature of their construction, spellguns are extremely rare and highly prized. They are often the work of master craftsmen who dedicated years, or even decades, to perfecting their art. These creators guard the secrets to their craft, and the knowledge required to construct a spellgun is often lost to history as it is rarely passed down to apprentices.


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