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Magitech is the arcane craft of combining technology and magic. Magitech is commonly the term that is given to an item, construct, machine or mechanical apparatus that has been powered through magic or is able to create a magical effect itself.

Like Clockwork

Practicioners of this type of craft often fabricate their complex creations with the use of Conjuration magic, by conjuring temporary parts or ethereally binding certain elements together. Many machines use gears, cogs and springs to to perform a variety of functions. In the context of magitech, this type of mechanical engineering can naturally be used to create a wide range of devices and constructs. However, these constructs and machines are restricted by their mechanical nature. Magic by itself, can be hard to control, but when given the right direction and intention it can be directed and controlled more easily. The greatest advantage of Magitech is being able to combine the precision and reliability of these mechanical components with the power and versatility of the arcane. Some magitech devices are powered by magic, whilst other produce it themselves. Both of these types of magitech has their own uses and limitations.

Endo-Arcanic Magitech

Endo-Arcanic Magitech devices are machines that use magic or arcane energy to be powered and function. One way this can be done is through a form of Crystallomancy by using gemstones and crystals as power sources. These crystals can be imbued with magical energy, which can then be harnessed to power the device. Some devices allow the magical energy stored within the crystal to be released gradually over time, providing a sustained source of power for the device, whilst others can only be used once in a burst, after which it needs a fresh power source.   Another way to power items with magic in magitech is through the use of enchanting the parts of the machine themselves. Even though there are enchantments that cause the cogs of a machine to turn, there have not yet been found any enchantments made by mortals that cause this effect to happen indefinitely. Often done through Runic Inscription, these types of enchantments will get damaged and fade over time due to the constant friction on the moving parts. These devices need regular upkeep and repairs to keep functioning properly.

Exo-Arcanic Magitech

Exo-Arcanic Magictech is a type of Magitech that produces a magical effect or spell through a machine from an external source instead of being powered by magic itself. This type of magitech is more complex and requires further understanding of Enchanting and Projected Intention which they need to combine with the complexity of moving parts that come together in a certain manner. Exo-Arcanic Magitech often needs somesort of source of power itself. This can be through the innate arcane power of a person or creature, in this case the power is transfered from the living being to the device. This is commonly called Inter-arcanic magitech.. Other devices might charge over time or have a limited amount of uses. A perpetual energy magitech device has yet to be invented.   Combining Exo-Arcanic with Endo-Arcanic magitech is sometimes done to provide items or constructs a source of power to move on their own or with little to no manual interaction, but also provide them with powerful features and abilities. One must be cautious when combining these types, as it can lead to a situation where the machine or construct no longer needs any interaction to function and may become completely uncontrollable.  

Creator versus Creation

The creation of magitech constructs and items requires a thorough understanding of both magic and technology, and those who do not possess this knowledge may be at risk of causing harm to themselves or others if they attempt to create such items without proper caution. A major hazard of magitech items is the risk of them malfunctioning. If a magitech construct is not designed or built properly, it may malfunction and cause harm to those around it or to itself. A few of the most ambitious and intelligent inventors have delved too deeply into the craft of Magitech, creating machines that have turned against them or have broken free from their creator. As a result, many view Magitech with a mix of fascination and caution.


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I love seeing magic and technology blended together! You do such an amazing job of explaining the different type of devices as well.

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