Verdant Halo Park

The Verdant Halo Park is the largest park in the city of Morhan. The park separates the Starfall Vale from the Circle Ward.   From the walls of the Starfall Vale, the guards have a clear view of the park during the day. At night the the roads and paths of the park are patrolled heavily. Because of this security, or perhaps in spite of it, the park is still favored by the citizens of Morhan as a place to spend a sunny afternoon or enjoy a picnic with friends. A number of stone benches and statues are sprinkled seemingly randomly throughout the park.   Apart from clusters of oak trees, the park features a number of meadows, flower beds and ponds. Many small birds and squirrels can be found in the trees of the park and in the clear water of the ponds you may spot the many fish and frogs that live there.   The park is maintained by the gardeners of the High King of Wolfsbrunn. Whereas some staff stays within the palace, and others do their work strictly outside the palace walls, these gardeners are one of the few people that move freely between the inner walls and the outer grounds to fulfill their duty of maintaining the flora.   On the edge of the park stand a few of the most expensive and impressive villas in Morhan, second perhaps only to the estates on the northern banks of the river Fortuna. From within these villas the garden often visually extends into the park, but access to the villas from the park is usually not possible.
Alternative Names
The Verdant Halo
Halo Park
The Green Ward
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Included Locations


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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
9 Nov, 2021 04:53

Can I have a house by the Fortuna river please, this place sounds lovely. I would love a covered heated swimming pool with palm trees and paradisial birds as well on the back yard.

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