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Come On Inn

The Come On Inn in Morhan is a fine establishment in the Circle Ward on the edge of the Verdant Halo Park. It is famous for its amazing beds that will have any person drift off to sleep in but a few moments.   The pillows and matresses of the beds in the Come On Inn are filled with the softest feathers from Brunnian Gardener's Geese and the sheets are woven of the finest linnen. For the cold winters, an extra layer of blankets made from the wool of Midwol sheep is added. The inn provides a wide selection of essential oils which can be sprinkled in the bedding as a form of relaxing aromatherapy. The most popular scents that guests choose are lavender and sandalwood, but pine is also a favorite amongst native Brunn people.   As an additional service, the innkeep wakes the patrons at their desired time. An array of knobs behind the bar are connected by ropes to a small silver bell inside each of the rooms of the guests. The soft chime of the bell gently wakes the guests from their deep slumber. As one might imagine, staying at the Come On Inn, is a bit more expensive than any regular old inn, but even common folk can be found staying at this establishment from time to time.
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