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Battle for the Talvald Valley

The battle for the Talvald Valley was a short battle in the south of Wolfsbrunn. It took place in the valley between the Thelian Mountains and Vara's Barrier in the Talvald. The Battle for the Talvald Valley was the first conflict that lead to the longlasting hostilities and animosity between the regions of Wolfsbrunn and Kordaasi.


The battle took place when a few tribes from Kordaasi entered the lands of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn. According to Brunn historians, they started pillaging and raiding the valley for food and riches. Kordaasiz history speaks of tribes wandering into Wolfsbrunn largely unknowingly as they were in awe of the splendor and nature of the lands, and being met with hostility.

Swift Battle, Long Consequences

Regardles of which version is true, it is known that the kingdom summoned an army of footsoldiers and a batalion of Warmages to deal with the (perceived) threat. The invading forces were swiftly beaten with blade and magic. No prisoners were taken and no quarter was given. A few of the Kordaasiz individuals barely escaped with their lives and could make their way back to Urzdraroc. They told others about the battle without honor and the elders of Urzdraroc concluded that the spirits of the dead would not be able to enter the afterlife from such a place. This eventually lead to the summoning of the Tribe of Singular Spirit and the subsequent War of the Towers.
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