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Frostbitten War

The events of the Frostbitten war lasted from 6102 to 6154. It was a war between the predominantly human Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn and the elves of Entari within the region that is now known as Nordherz and part of Wolfsbrunn. The war started as humans started occupying elven lands but some historians are convinced that Entari started the war by attacking human settlements.
  The Battle for Amphal (6102).The first battle between the elves and humans after the official declaration of war was the Battle for Amphal. Amphal was an elven settlement at the edge of the elven lands but in the end it was overtaken by the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn.
  Battles of the Riverlands (6114-6129). For several years after the first battle, the Entarians lived in the lands which are now known as Nordherz. Several small scale battles were fought but none were extremely decisive. The humans had larger numbers and were able to win land inch by inch. The elves however, were well organized and knew the lands better which gave them great advantage in battles and made the loss of lives for the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn much greater.
  The Nordherz Chase (6129). At the very end of the Battles of the Riverlands was a large call to arms for all able bodied men and women in Wolfsbrunn. An overwhelming force swept the elves out of Nordherz. The city of Hartloch was founded at the northern side of this newly annexed region by the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn.
  The Night of Blades (6141). Years after the Entarians lost their lands to the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn, they circumvented the Moon Mountains and infiltrated the Amphal castle. High ranking officials were assassinated, leaving the forces of Morhan in chaos for a short amount of time. The elven assassins however were killed in the process.
  The Years of the Heart (6142-6149). Taking advantage of the Night of Blades the elves attacked the newly founded settlement of Hartloch. The settlement was taken and retaken by both sides for numerous years until the humans finally regained their position and leadership in the region.
  The Siege of Entari (6145-6154). In an attempt to subjugate the Elves to Wolfsbrunn the humans mounted a siege of the city of Entari in. The everlasting cold conditions of the region left both sides in a standstill. Even in summer there was a thick layer of snow covering the entire region. A few battles were fought where the human loss of life was far greater than the elven loss. Both the elves and humans grew weary of the war, the loss of lives and resources were too great on both sides. Additionally, other creatures and forces saw the lands left undefended and attacked various smaller settlements in the east and south of Wolfsbrunn where the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn had no defenses in place. This eventually led to the humans offering a diplomatic solution by brokering a peace. An elven princess named Yavira Froastir was wed to the crown-prince of Morhan: Verion Osseus. Entari and the forest surrounding lake Voronis would remain the home of the elves and have an independent government. However, they agreed they could be called to arms by Wolfsbrunn in times of war when both parties would be threatened. The riverlands wre renamed Nordherz and remained under full control of the Kingdom. Altho in reality the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn was forced to back down and retreat because of threats on other borders, most historians from Wolfsbrunn tell a tale of mercy for Entari when recounting the Frostbitten War.
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