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Entari was the semi independent citystate of the Entarian elves in the north of Wolfsbrunn which later became part of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn. The region was always covered in snow, regardless of the season. This was made possible through the gigantic Frostward enchantment that covered the entire region of Entari.


1. Court of the Triglomerate
2. House of Silvered Hands
3. Towers of the Three Spires
4. Sanctum of the Moon Mother
5. Twin Forts
6. Citizen's Hearth
7. Palace of Justice


Entari used to hold more lands in Wolfsbrunn, but through a number of wars with The Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn their territory has diminished to the mountainrange surrounding Lake Voronis. It shrunk even further after the tragic events of the Frostbitten War, after which Entari had secluded itself from the outside world. Outsiders who venture into the lands of Entari are met with trepidation, and the Entarians themselves try to not respond or involve themselves with any hostilities or conflicts across their own borders. This ultimately led to the Entarians becoming estranged to the outside world.
  Aemaris Frostward was able to establish new connections and relationships after the revolution in the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn that followed the Night of No Stars. It took a few years for her to convince the Entarians, but Entari eventually became part of the kingdom.


The people of Entari lived in a society that was led by a system of five guilds. When a person would come of age, they would choose or be recruited into a guild. Usually a person would become part of a guild that was befitting of their talents and interests. Usually, a person would stay in this guild for the rest of their life, but changing one's profession later in life was always an option. The following guilds made up the society of Entari:
  • The Silver Hand (Craftspeople and artisans)
  • The Harvesters Circle (Farmers, hunters, and cooks)
  • The Pearl Guard (Warriors and protectors)
  • The Moon Seers (Clerics and healers)
  • The Three Spires (Arcanists and enchanters)
  •   At one point in time, there was a sixth guild: The Frost Court. This was the guild that concerned themselves with the law and rules of Entari within the Palace of Justice. After the sinking of the Palace of Justice, the Entarians founded the Silver Triglomerate to fulfil the duties that the Frost Court previously fulfilled. This council consisted of three people from each guild in order to fully represent all Entarians and prevent one guild from gaining more power than the others.
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