The various people, tribes and clans from Ankoya are known as Ankoyans. The term is more used as a general denomination for these peoples, as they share little common ground in terms of culture.


Before the start of the Empire of the Jade Eye, the Ankoyans consisted of many smaller organizations and types of rulerships. City states, kingdoms, families, tribes and clans all contested eachothers rule and territories. Wars, infighting and betrayal were common in those days in that part of the Azuno jungle until the Empire of the Jade Eye unified most of these people under its rule and decreed them one people. To this day there are still a few people who have distanced themselves from the and live their lives peacefully in seclusion from its rule and would call themselves Azun and never consider themselves Ankoyans.

Traditions and Culture

Apart from the rulership and cultural influences of the Empire of the Jade Eye, the Ankoyans remain to this day not fully unified because of their individual heritage. Ankoyans have extremely varying traditions and hold different norms and values. It can be said that as a people, Ankoyans have a respect for (untamed) power, whether it be natural, magical or personal. For a large portion of the Ankoyan people, material wealth is only a means to an end and not the most important part of their life. Various Ankoyans hold on to ancient traditions pertaining to paying tribute to nature itself or deities of Nature. Through the influence of the empire, the Ankoyan people have slowly lost their connection with their ancient past. This has caused the little understanding of the Astran language by the Ankoyan people to fade away even more over the course of time.


The founders of the Republic of New Ankoya and the city Javesz were allegedly Ankoyan wizards and sorcerers who fled from the empire. These people would eventually call themselves New Ankoyan to separate themselves from the Ankoyan traditions and empire while still remaining true to their roots.
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