Anko Draconic

Anko Draconic is a dialect of the Draconic that originated in Ankoya. It is the official language of the Republic of New Ankoya. It is believed to be influenced by the ancient Astran language as well.   Perhaps because its supposed Astran influence, Anko Draconic is a language favored by the arcanists of Javesz, enchantments used in crystallomancy and the instructions on how to perform them are often created and written in Anko Draconic.   Anko Draconic makes use of a lot of compound words with a high number syllables to form sentences. Learning the language is not an easy task if you lack familiarity with the Draconic language. Clarity and nuances in pronunciation are pretty important for Anko Draconic as some words may sound very much alike to the untrained ear but may mean completely opposite things. In general, those who speak Anko Draconic also understand Draconic or Common.
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