Hidden Harbor

At the bottom of the Saltstone Cliff lies the Hidden Harbor. A large cave from which the people of Stor have constructed piers that extend outward to sea so large tradeships can safely dock their ships.

Cranes and Lifts

After docking in the harbor, cargo is brought to the surface of the island by the people working in the harbor. Cranes atop wide circular shafts leading into the Hidden Harbor are used to hoist the goods up to the city. Before the use of the shafts, the cranes were on the side of the cliff, but the strong winds on the cliffside made it extremely dangerous to pull the goods up the cliffside. After a number of accidents, the city decided to mine a number of shafts from the city into the Hidden Harbor. In the early days, these lifts were also known to malfunction, leading to the destruction of goods and the loss of life. The system has since been improved and has not failed in years, but people generally do not ride along with their goods but choose to walk the winding road up to the city.
Alternative Name(s)
Saltstone Harbor
Harbor of Stor
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Included Locations


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