Friend's Factory

When you overhear people in Morhan who plan to meet up at 'their friend's factory', they very well might mean to meet up up in the subterranean speakeasy beneath the city.

Dealings in the Dark

The Friend's Factory is an establishment that is mainly visited by members of the Grey Cartel and those who do business with them. It is not run by a single person but members of the cartel have been known to be the innkeep at times or help in other ways. The inn prides itself for being able to poor Westhan Black Label throughout the year. This is probably only possible through some form of extortion or deal with the Brukovik Distillery but nonetheless very welcomed by the visitors of the establishment.

We can rebuild

The Friend's Factory has been raided, destroyed, cleared and shut down multiple times by the Department of Preservation and Security, but within weeks the speakeasy is rebuilt within a new nook or cranny in the sewers and tunnels beneath the city. Even the people who build it back up don't know how many times it has been rebuilt and relocated over the years. This might be because as many times as the location has changed, who is considered part of the staff and who owns the Friend's Factory has changed almost as many times. In any case, when you visit the Friend's Factory, you best not forget your coat, because tomorrow the entire establishment might be gone without a trace.

No Names, No Faces

The names of the staff and the owner of the Friend's Factory are not spoken out loud within the Friend's Factory to protect their identity. They wear plain masks that each have a number on them. The mask with number one on it is worn by the innkeep.


The Friend's Factory sometimes has need of hired help. Members of the Grey Cartel or those with a low regard for the law are eager to provide these services for the factory, as they are fairly compensated for their troubles and often owed a favor by the cartel or factory. The Friend's Factory might have one of the following tasks for adventurers.
  • Steal a particular key off a guard in the Circle Ward.
  • Plant or forge information about the current location of the factory.
  • Honeypaste Haul: Smuggle a crate of Honeypaste into the city.
  • Deliver a message to the Brukovik Distillery.
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