Levitation Enchantment

When it is needed for an object to be freely suspended in mid-air one may enchant it with a levitation enchantment. These type of enchantments have been used in all manner of ways throughout the world. Sandskimmers in Naz'thul use it to be lifted slightly from the ground, while in the Sanctuary of the Divine Trinity in Morhan a strong levitation enchantment is used to suspend immense golden orbs within the domes of the temple.   This type of enchantment does not propel an object in any direction but only lifts it from the ground. Levitation enchantments come in a variety of strengths. Two factors can be influenced when creating the enchantment. First the weight it can lift, heavier objects require a stronger enchantment or repeated uses of the same enchantment. Secondly the height it will be lifted to, this is determined by the type of enchantment, the higher it needs to be lifted the more complex the enchantment.   Levitation can be achieved through various means. runic inscription is commonly used, but crystallomancy is also a popular method in places where enchanters have access to the materials required to create the crystals and crystal arrays to create a levitation enchantment.
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