Lumination Enchantment

Lumination enchantments are a type of Enchantment that provides light. This enchantment is typically applied to objects, causing them to emit a steady, glowing light. The intensity and color of the light depends on the specific enchantment used, but in most cases commonly a bright, warm hue is preferred.   The lumination enchantment is typically a basic enchantment taught to novice Enchanters, but the enchantment's complexity depends on two key factors: the brightness of the light and its duration. Brighter and longer-lasting lights require more complex enchantments and thus, much more skill. Common methods of creating this enchantment include Runic Inscription and Crystal Infusion as well as Arcane Impartment. More rare are those who use or capture the elements of fire and air (particularly lightning) to enchant objects with light through Elemental Absorption, although this technique is far more difficult, it tends to result in durable lumination enchantments.   These enchantments are a common sight within cities, their glowing presence lining streets and alleys as well as interiors, offering a reassuring sense of safety and warmth during the night. It is also heavily employed by civilizations living in subterranean settlements or deep within dark and ancient forests as a safer alternative to torches. Beyond practicality, the lumination enchant also has some cultural and religious importance for many people. In various religious ceremonies, these bright lights symbolize guidance, purity, and the presence of the Divines. Among practitioners of the arcane, brightly colored lumination enchantments serve as a display of magical prowess, often used as a symbol of their mastery over light and energy.
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