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An enchanter is a person who has the ability to use magic to imbue objects with special powers or abilities through Enchanting. Enchanters need to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in their craft. They may work independently or as part of a larger group or guild. Some enchanters may specialize in particular areas of magic, such as Divination or Illusion, while others may be generalists who are able to use a combination of magic schools.

Imbued with Knowledge and Passion

There are many techniques to create an enchantment. Some utilize the magical capabilities of the enchanter, whilst others require a secondary source or use arcane symbols to activate a certain effect. Most of these methods require extensive practice and study, which makes the profession of an enchanter quite time consuming.

Apart from those gifted with natural talents, most enchanters need to study a wide range of magical theories and practices in order to gain a thorough understanding of the various schools of magic and how they can be used within their preferred method of enchanting. This includes studying the properties of different materials and how they interact with enchantments and magic.

In addition to theoretical study, enchanters need to practice their skills extensively in order to master the various enchantments or create new and improved enchantments. This sometimes involves working with experienced enchanters from different parts of the world to learn from their expertise and gain hands-on experience or sometimes even joining a party of adventurers to see, study and experience other types of magic. Would-be enchanters can also join the various guilds and arcane academies that study the methods of enchanting in an effort to unlock the true potentials of this type of magic.


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