Magicandles are candles with magical properties. Some may be simple and common with minor magical effects whilst others are more rare and have impressive magical capabilities despite their modest size.

Creation of a Candle.

These candles are made through a careful and precise process that combines the art of candlemaking with the power of the arcane.The first step is to carefully select and gather the finest quality wax, which is typically made from a variety of natural ingredients such as beeswax, soy wax, or tallow. The wax is melted and carefully poured into molds, where it is allowed to cool and solidify for the first time. The size, shape and design of the mold is of importance to the intended effect of the magicandle and has to be chosen carefully. Once the magicandles are formed, the next step is to infuse them with magical energy. This is usually done in one of the following two ways. The first option is through Alchemical Transference by heating the wax whilst it is inside the mold, and adding a variety of alchemical compounds or enchanted herbs, oils, and ingredients. The candle has to cure for a while for the effects to take hold with this method. The other option is Arcane Impartment, for which the candlemaker has to be able to cast the spell or use the type of magic they wish to put into the candle itself. After the magicandles have been infused with magic, they are left to cool and solidify once again if they have been melted during the process. Once they are fully hardened, they are removed from the molds and carefully shaped and finished by hand.

Magical Light

Magicandles can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used for simple things such as providing a colorful light or creating a pleasant aroma for a ritual. Some candles can be used as an alarm for danger, others to cast spells or even set traps. In any case, the simplicity of a magicandle makes it an easy to use magical object as one just needs to light the wick and enjoy the magical effect that ensues. However, one should always know precisely what type of magicandle they have in their posession as some more powerful magicandles might have a near instant effect on the surroundings and therefore need to be lit with extreme caution.


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