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Plane of Air

TThe elemental plane of air is a realm of pure wind and sky. It is a place of constant motion and change, with powerful winds and swirling air currents creating a landscape of clouds in an endless sky.

Winds of Change

The sky is constantly in motion, with powerful winds and swirling air currents creating a landscape of clouds, some of which are solid enough to support the weight of creatures. The environmental conditions on the plane of air can be extreme, with winds strong enough to shred armor and and toss even large creatures around like leaves. The air is thin and the temperature can vary wildly, from freezing cold to scorching hot. The color of sky can change to any color on the visible spectrum but it is unclear how or why this happens. The weather on the elemental plane of air is constantly in flux, and is highly unpredictable. The winds on this plane can range from gentle breezes to raging hurricanes, and can change direction and intensity without warning. The endless skies are filled with clouds of all shapes and sizes, from wispy tendrils of vapor to massive storm systems that can span hundreds of miles. These clouds can produce a wide range of weather, from drenching rain and lightning storms to snow and sleet.   Because of the translucent nature of the element of air and elemental creatures of this type might not be easily spotted, there are a large number of cloud-dwelling creatures, such as cloud giants and different types and sizes of air elementals, but there is also a wide variety of species that have adapted to life in the sky and have made thise plane their home. These creatures include aerial predators such as giant eagles and rocs as well as flying humanoids and dragons.  

Elemental Borders

The elemental plane of air borders the other elemental planes of earth, fire and water. The borders between these planes are fluid and constantly shifting, with elements from each plane mixing and blending together. The border between the plane of air and the plane of water is where one may find intense storms, blizzards and rain, this border is marked by a thick fog that does not dissipate despite the hard winds.   The border between the plane of air and plane of fire is marked by raging wildfires and swirling vortexes of flame. The heat and turbulence of the fire plane fuels the winds of the air plane, creating powerful and dangerous storms. Those who dare to venture into these borderlands must be prepared for the unpredictable and often deadly conditions.   The border between the plane of air and the plane of earth is filled with sandstorms and windswept canyons. Dust and coarse sand fills the air from the wind eroding and crushing the earth into fine sand. This gives the winds an abrasive, coarse and scouring property.
Alternative Name(s)
The Boundless Skies
The Primordial Typhoon
Plane of Existence
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