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Spell Stitching

Spell stitching is a form of Enchanting, not to be confused with weaving spells, or combining different spells to create a new effect. Spell stitching is the craft of enchanting materials by sowing spells into them which is usually done with a needle and thread. It is commonly used to put enchantments on fabrics or leather but can also be used on paper.

Intention and Precision

The process of spell stitching is quite delicate and requires a great deal of skill and concentration. Not only is the process of spell stitching time consuming, the order and placement of the stitches must be exact and precise to make sure the enchantment works. This requires a steady hand and keen eye for detail. But it is not only the precision of the stitches that determines the effectiveness of the enchantment. Patterns and intention go hand in hand when it comes to spell stitching, a pattern that is stitched without the right intention may fail to enchant an item.   Before starting out, an enchanter must carefully consider what kind of magic they wish to imbue by picking the right pattern but during the process they have to be focusing their willpower at all times. The intention of the enchanter has to be focused through the needle and thread, into the pattern. This is reflected in the process of spell stitching, which is often done in a ritualistic or ceremonial fashion in which the enchanter repeats either aloud or in their mind the effects or intention of what they wish to stitch into the fabric while they are working the needle and thread.

Needle and Thread

Various tools are used in spell stitching, but most feature some sort of needle and thread. These can be made from any material but enchanters usually have their own favored materials and tools that they have found works best for them. Needles are often made from iron, silver, gold and even bone, whilst the thread is in most occasions either cotton, wool or leather. In some places, the fur of a local creature or the fibers of a plant are spun into a thread that can also be used for spell stitching. Although not always the case, these tools and materials can be magically enchanted themselves as well. For example, a thread that has been enchanted by Alchemical Transference might provide the resulting enchantment with additional effects or power.

Patterns and Designs

More advanced enchanters will begin by researching various magical patterns that may work best for their desired goal but some practitioners say that the pattern comes to them as a wave of inspiration as soon as they have focused their intent. The most basic method of spell stitching is done with stitches that resemble magic runes or symbols. Stitching runes into a fabric will quite reliably bind it with the stitcher's desired energy and intention as the symbols themselves also have their own innate magic. Most enchanters rely on known patterns and change them to fit the needs of their desired outcome. In many designs, there is a strong resemblance to the patterns seen in Runic Inscription, but designs can also look completely ornamental in a variety of styles when made by a skilled spell stitcher.
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Embroidery Enchanting
Spell Sewing
Witch Stitching
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