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Transcendental Weaving

Transcendental weaving is a method of creating enchanted fabrics and clothing through the art of weaving. Arcanists sometimes speak of the 'weave' when they refer to the invisible but omnipresent energies of the arcane, but the results of the practice of transcendental weaving yields very tangible and visible results.

Fabric of the Arcane

Enchanters that practice this craft often use spellthreads as their main material. They utilize a variety of specialized tools as wel as an enchanted loom to weave the threads together. There are different types of tools and looms that can be found around around the world, each more intricate and complicated than the next as they are commonly designed, set up and customized to the wishes of the weaver.   The weaver has to decide the desired effect and magic woven into the fabric before they select the materials and the pattern that has to be woven into it. In this sense, transcendental weaving has some similarities to other types of enchanting such as spell stitching and Runic Inscription, as the patterns and shapes that are created through this method are what imbues the material with magic. In addition to their magical properties, fabrics created through this process are also known for their beauty and durability. They are often adorned with intricate designs and patterns which are sometimes spell stitched to add an extra layer of enchantment on top of the item.

Dimensional Weaving

Dimensional weaving is a type of transcendental weaving that involves using specialized weaving techniques to create fabrics with multiple layers or even more solid three-dimensional structures that do not need any other material to hold it together. This type of weaving is highly complex and requires a deep understanding of both magic and the art of weaving. In theory, dimensional weaving can also be used to create an enchantment through Pristine Geometry but for most people practicing this type of enchanting, it is too complex to attempt such an endeavor as it requires far more planning and calculation as well as the fact that adjustments cannot be easily made.
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