Vile Shroud

Mighty Illusion Curse (Location)

Description. The Vile Shroud is a curse put upon a location to keep it hidden away and veiled from Divination. The Vile Shroud is a powerful curse that can be placed upon a specific area of land, causing it to become hidden from the rest of the world. The affected lands are almost impossible to find, as if they had been hidden behind an increasingly thicker veil of mist or fog. The Vile Shroud is often used as a means of protecting a specific location from being discovered preventing outsiders from entering the area. However, the curse can be used not only to conceal a location away from the outside, but also confine those caught within it. Those who are caught within the Vile Shroud may find themselves unable to leave, trapped within the hidden land until the curse is lifted. The longer they remain within the curse's bounds, the harder it becomes to leave.   Effects. Divination spells cast within the area, or cast to divine anything within it, fail automatically. A creature that attempts to find or navigate a location affected by a Vile Shroud makes the ability check to do so with disadvantage (e.g. a Survival, Perception or Investigation check). After spending 1 hour in the area, a creature gains 1 level of Exhaustion. Every 10 subsequent hours, they gain another level of exhaustion up to a maximum of 4 levels of Exhaustion. Any humanoid that dies in the cursed area becomes a zombie after 24 hours have passed.   Breaking. Nothing short of a Wish spell can lift a Vile Shroud off of a location. Large areas affected by this spell may even require the assistance of a divine being or deity.
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