Feywhisper Tokens

These tokens can be the size of a talisman that barely fits in the palm of your hand, to the size of a tiny coin. They originate from the Plane of Light and can be shaped like delicate flower petals, small woodland creatures or other symbols from nature. Some are carved or shaped like simple shapes, but othes are embellished with intriguing organic designs and symbols. They can be made from any material, but stone and gemstones are most commonly used to create these mystical tokens.

Rumorfilled Petals

They are a form of currency among the fey, and are commonly used to represent and hold secrets. Each token or coin contains a secret or somesort of magic, and the value of the token depends on the importance and rarity of what it contains. When it comes to secrets, the more valuable the secret, the more valuable the token. The tokenss are highly prized by those who seek knowledge and power, and are often traded among the fey and other magical beings. Some tokens will share their secrets freely, others might require a person to put in more effort to unlock the information inside. There are tokens that turn to dust or ashes as their secret is shared, whilst others make you forget the information as soon as the token is no longer in your possession, which makes these tokens even more valuable to their owners.

Magical Mysteries

Some tokens are imbued with magical secrets. Simply put, they have been enchanted with the ability or magic of a fey creature so that the token itself grants these powers to those who possess it. This can be the ability to communicate with animals or plants, control the weather or take on false appearances. Having these tokens allows an individual to navigate the lands of the fey with far greater ease.

Currency shrouded in Secrets

The tokens themselves seem to be a product of Transmutation magic which some fey possess. However, it is unclear how the secrets are imbued into the tokens, some say this is done through a fey version of Arcane Impartment. It is also unclear how the value of a token is precisely determined without knowing exactly what secrets the tokens hold. Some say that fey creatures have special powers that allow them to judge the worth of a secret, while others believe that the value of the tokens is much more determined by being able to convince the other party of the value of the secret within, and is a matter of striking a good deal. In any case trades or sales should be made with caution, ast it is not a great idea to try and trick a fey creature into acquiring something that is worthless to them.

Coins of the Courts

Feywhisper tokens are also associated with different fey courts, and each court has its own unique type of coin or token. For example, courts of benevolent fey, may use iridescent pearl coins with intricate designs of flowers and trees on both sides. While courts of malevolent fey might adhere to dark stone tokens with more sinister symbolism.The seasonal courts also have their own designs. The court of spring has coins adorned with images of blooming flowers and sprouting leaves, while the court of summer has coins with imagery of suns, sunflowers and bees. The court of autumn has coins with images of (falling) leaves and ripening fruit, while the court of winter has coins with designs of snowflakes and icicles.


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