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Saltstone Cliff

The Saltstone Cliff is the cliff on top of which the city of Stor is located. It is a steep tall rock wall smoothed by the rains and northern winds. The spray of the sea causes salt crystals to form on the cliffside, from which the cliff derives its name.

The cliffside features a narrow winding road that leads to the Hidden Harbor at the water's edge. On this road, people have hewn houses in the cliffside from the solid rock. The inhabitants of these houses are often jokingly referred to by the people of Stor as 'Cliffies'. In general, only people and animals use this road, any merchandise or tradegoods are brought to the surface of the island by the people working in the harbor. This is done by using a number of shafts that lead from the Hidden Harbor to the city of Stor on the top of the cliff. Cranes at the top of these shafts hoist the goods from the harbor onto the surface of the island.   There's not a lot of plantlife on the cliffside, the hard rock, salt and wind makes it near impossible for plants to thrive. The same can be said for animals, but small alcoves in the cliff are used by gulls and other seabirds to build nests in.
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