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Sonvahar is the southern island of Awaoka where the lost city of Oka Ador used to stand. The island has an ecosystem unlike any other in Azuno. The jungle thrives with an astonishing diversity of flora and fauna. Some plants exhibit bioluminescent hues in the dark of night, while others may become temporarily invisibile or create illusions to confuse predators.

Untamed Magic

One of the most significant dangers on the island is the spontaneous manifestation of wild magic. Unpredictable surges of arcane energy can arise without warning. These magical eruptions can lead to bizarre phenomena, from sudden transformations of creatures and plants to the creation of pockets of unstable reality and dimensional fractures. Sonvahar stands out as one of the few places in Azuno where the roots of the Astris Tree do not extend. The reason behind this enigmatic phenomenon remains a subject of speculation among scholars and mystics. Some believe that the wild magic of the island resists the astral influence of the Astris tree, creating a arcane barrier that prevents the roots from permeating its soil.

Into the Depths of Sonvahar

Venturing deeper into the heart of Sonvahar's jungle is much like traveling to the bottom of the ocean. Darkness envelops you and the creatures and plants found there are unlike any other. These species have all adapted to the lack of light and the abundance of magic. Many of the creatures found here are not even native to the material plane, and others have never been seen anywhere else. Although it is a dangerous place, there are many that seek the powers that may be hidden within this dangerous place. Some say this ecosystem was created through the disappearance of the Okadorn people, but others say that it has always existed since they believe that city of Oka Ador was not located in the middle of the island, but far more towards the east.
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