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Arcane Imbued Caltrops

Caltrops that have been magically enhanced or enchanted are also known as 'arcane imbued caltrops'. There are many variations of these caltrops and they can be quite useful for getting the upper hand when being chased through narrow streets, corridors or caves. While simple arcane imbued caltrops might only hinder a creature slightly or slow them down, the more rare variants can be extremely lethal and chaotic.

Types and Construction

These types of caltrops are often enchanted with a Runic Inscription or Arcane Impartment, but because of their small size, other ways of Enchanting have also been experimented with, with varying degrees of success. Different effects and efficiency can also be attained through the use of different metals and even other types of materials. No matter their type, Arcane Imbued Caltrops can typically only be used once, after which they are destroyed or their magic is lost.


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