Wondrous Items

A list of all Wondrous Items sorted by category where applicable.
Everything from robes to cloaks and hoods to boots!
This page also features a complete list of all wondrous items.  

Wondrous Item (by category)

All Wondrous Items

Alabaster White Runechalk
Alchemist’s Medicine Maker
Amniteum Amulet
Amulet of the Everfrost Spire
Amulet of the Frog
Amulet of the Huntress
Amulet of the Indispensable
Amulet of the Purple Nova
Amulet of the Warmage
Arcanamech Arm
Arcane Detection Candle
Arcanis Magnetica Gloves
Arm of the Fire Genasi Veteran
Arthanox the Malevolent
Band of the Firm Grip
Band of the Runebinder
Bard's Best Shampoo
Beauty Sleep Mask
Berserker's Eyeliner
Bifocals of the Basilisk
Black Market Exchange Chest
Black-Out Candle
Blasting Key
Boltforge Gauntlet
Bond of the Red Queen
Bone White Nail Polish
Boots of the Fiendish Deceiver
Bracer of the Emerald Stag
Bracers of the Sea Giant
Brass Blossom Pipe
Bright Yellow Runechalk
Brightwood Warden’s Cloak
Buzzbee Candy
Call of the North
Charming Pink Runechalk
Chime of Closing
Chromatic Collar
Circlet of the Phoenix
Clairvoyant's Bane Candle
Clarification Salt
Claws of the Ocean's Champion
Cloak of Solitude
Cloak of the Cobra
Cloak of the First Snow
Cloak of the Ibis
Cloak of the River's Splendor
Cloak of the Scarlet Macaw
Cloak of the Secluded Garden
Cloudspun Robes
Cloudy Grey Runechalk
Coin of Draconic Luck
Coinbox of Holding
Combustion Boots
Compass of the Homesick
Concealer of the Unnoticed
Concealer of the Unseen
Concealer of the Untrue
Cornucopeia of the Harvest
Creme of the Forest
Creme of the Mountain
Creme of the Tundra
Crimson Amplifier
Crown of the Great Wolf
Curse Jar
Death Knight's Helmet
Defender’s Mantle
Dimensional Compass
Dragon Satchel
Earring of Whisper
Ethereal Silver Eyeliner
Eye of the Deep One
Feyflame Candle
Flame Red Runechalk
Flashfire Glypherine
Flask of Unknown Horrors
Flute of Purification
Forceclasp Glypherine
Frostnova Glypherine
Fuzzy Teddy
Gapcloser 2000
Garnet of Embers
Gauntlet of Adni
Gauntlet of the Golden Touch
Gauntlet of Vesz
Gauntlets of the Ascended Protector
Gilded Vision Eyeliner
Gloves of the Great Wolf
Gloves of the Verdant Sentry
Gloves of the Wellspring
Goblet of the Crimson Lady
Goodberry Sapling
Grand Depth Candle
Greater Conjuration Clay
Hand Wraps of the Gathering Storm
Hat of the Cloud Coven
Headmaster’s Ring
Heart Guard Pendant 2.0
Heart of the Wilderness
Hearth Warmth Candle
Hood of the Deceiver
Hood of the Dragonturtle
Horns of the Silver Bull
Ikrian Gloves
Jar of the Baboon
Jar of the Falcon
Jar of the Jackal
Jar of the Man
Kalaera - Tamer of Clouds
Key of Life
Kobold’s Lucky Tooth
Kraken Seer's Eyepatch
L’Arcana #23
Lava Punchers
Lava Stompers
Lesser Conjuration Clay
Liar's Tell Candle
Lich Breath Grenade
Liespotter Eyeliner
Lightning Bowstring
Lilypad Token
Lingo Lipstick - Halfling
Lingo Lipstick - Abyssal
Lingo Lipstick - Celestial
Lingo Lipstick - Common
Lingo Lipstick - Deep Speech
Lingo Lipstick - Draconic
Lingo LIpstick - Dwarvish
Lingo Lipstick - Elvish
Lingo Lipstick - Giant
Lingo Lipstick - Gnomish
Lingo Lipstick - Goblin
Lingo Lipstick - Infernal
Lingo Lipstick - Orc
Lingo Lipstick - Primordial
Lingo Lipstick - Sylvan
Lingo Lipstick - Undercommon
Lipgloss of the Beastspeaker
Lipgloss of the Gravespeaker
Lipgloss of the Treespeaker
Lovestrike Glypherine
Lullaby Lamb
Luminous Vestments of the Phoenix
Lute of the Ruby Verdict
Luxurious Satin Bedroll
Mage Glove
Magister's Eyeliner
Magitech Aviation Apparatus
Malachite of the Mountain
Mantle of Broken Fangs
Mantle of Vitalis
Manyvoice Mask
Map Beacons
Mask of the Broken Acolyte
Mask of the Broken Overseer
Mask of the Martyr
Mask of the Raven Disciple
Mask of the Sun Priest
Mask of the Tomb Guardian
Mask of the Witchdoctor
Mercury Smoke Grenade
Messenger's Mirror
Midnight Black Runechalk
Midwinter Mittens
Mintberry Soap
Mystical Purple Nail Polish
Navy Blue Runechalk
Nightward Candle
Nomad's Satin Scarf
Onyx Throne Statuette
Orb of the Dryad
Oxidation Fog Dispenser
Pale Guise of the Forsaken
Pen of Infinite Ink
Pendant of the Dreamer
Piano Figurine
Pixysteed Horseshoe
Pocket Portal
Poisonburst Glypherine
Prismatic Flute
Purifying Waterskin
Quickfire Quiver
Quill of Lies
Quiver of the Forest
Quiver of the Frost Queen
Realmwalker's Mirror
Regalia of the Celestial Sovereign
Remedial Bucket of Frost
Ring of Divination
Ring of the Elder Roots
Ring of the Everlasting Eclipse
Ring of the Fey
Ring of the Lone Captain
Ring of the Smiling Sphinx
Ring of the Spying Eye
Robes of the Sleepwalker
Robes of the Warmage
Royal Purple Runechalk
Ruby Evertorch
Sage's Rest Candle
Saint's Blessing Candle
Sanctified Gilded Skull
Sapphire Claws
Satchel of Sustenance
Scripture of the Afterlife
Seafarer’s Map Table
Seer's Mirror
Shadow of the Mimic
Shady Grey Nail Polish
Shimmering Red Nail Polish
Shining Opal Nail Polish
Silver Owl Hairdye
Silver Tongued Lyre
Sistrum of the GIlded Night
Skirt of the Merchant Princess
Sky Blue Runechalk
Skyrider's Whistle
Smokesculptor Pipe
Soulspark Candle
Spectral Blue Nail Polish
Spectral Shroud
Spellhold Candle
Spikes of Alarm
Spyglass of the Seaspecter
Suit of the Eternal Storm
Superior Conjuration Clay
Swamp Green Runechalk
Talisman of the Satyr
Tear of the Scarlet Lady
Tempest Step Anklet
Terrorscream Shell
The Black Seal
The Gauntlet of Justice
The Gauntlet of Protection
The Platinum Heart
Thunderstrike Grenade
Thunderstun Drum
Tightrope Treads
Tiny Duck Crown
Token of the Sea Speaker
Token of the Stormtalon
Toothpaste of Bright Smiles
Toothpaste of Frosty Breath


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